B’Gosh, Baby Walker!

Our Great Grandma Margie found these Baby B’Gosh osh gosh bgosh denim overalls at an antique store in Soquel before Jace was born and I’ve held on to them ever since. Jace only wore them a couple times, like the time Heather sent us a few blanket back-ups! And now 10-month old Walker fits into them and he’s stealing our hearts. So happy and smiley he is, and such a goof. We are so enjoying this stage all over again, you’d never think he was breaking 3 new teeth. He looks a little like a hill billy with his random gaping teethies and now these overalls, but we love it.  Even when he spoils a perfectly good photo shoot with a monstrous poop >D

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My break up

It’s arrived and I’m so ready to break up with my phone. I talked a little about this on my New Year’s post, but it’s time. I’ve actually stayed 100% true to my promise to take a break from social media (and my phone really) until I read this book. I just started it last night and am already blown away. And a little scared at what I’ve been doing to my brain over the last some-odd years since first getting my iPhone. But since I’ve deleted my social apps, I’ve actually come a long way. I don’t even bring my phone out now when I’m home around the kids, or out to dinner with friends. When our families were here I didn’t even have it near me to take photos with (which I sort of regret now), and while I watched my family put their noses in their phones, I was able to just soak in the time. I’ve also noticed more things around me, like these beautiful yellow blooms around Santa Cruz right now. How have I not noticed these before?! So beautiful! I pulled over the other day and grabbed some for my home office. And now when I drive around all I see are these gorgeous balls of yellow all around us. And when the sun is coming up, as I drive the kiddos out every morning, against the blue sky and ocean line, these blooms are just so heavenly. How much more have I missed from being obsessed with my phone?! Well, I’ll be posting more on my 30-day plan, once I get to that portion of the book, but for now, I keep my phone close to me during the work day because I need it for work, but aside from that I’ve been soaking up all the little moments with my little boys and reading books! Hope you’re all having a love-filled month. I’ll try to post more but just wanted to share how excited I am to break up with my phone ha.

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Happy birthday Jace

My first born turned 4 today and my heart is tight with emotion. Once a chubby, curly haired babe, is now a skinny, bony preschooler. Crazy to see how fast time really goes by when you see it on your own children. It’s really the saddest most sweetest experience ever. Although I mourn his baby years, I’m also so excited for what the future holds for this little boy. Because that’s truly what he is still. Little. Right now he loves his family time so much, almost too much. He still comes up to me asking for hugs, and wants nothing more than to cuddle and play toys. He loves dessert and Target and holding hands as he falls asleep, and peeking at his lunch after I pack it. The other night I got Walker down for bed earlier than usual and was able to run a bath for Jace all by himself. I sat by the tub like I always do and started playing with his spaceship toys. He looked at me and said, “you’re going to play with me”? In that moment I realized I don’t have enough one on one time with my first anymore. All the hustle and bustle of the every day and wrangling Walker in and out of the bath usually at the same time, I guess I don’t play one on one as much as I used to with Jace. And you know what, he deserves some alone time, where he feels like the only child again. Or at least alone time with me! Thanks for helping me see that my darling. Well, happy birthday to our Jace Face, our sweetheart. Your heart is going to move mountains, I just know it.

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Fan Day at the Giants Stadium

When Jace broke my phone at the end of last year, I lost a lot of my photos, and haven’t been to an Apple Store yet to recover them.  But thankfully I found these gems saved in my email! Back in October when Pam was visiting I was given suite tickets to the last Giants game of the season – fan day! The view was amazing and we enjoyed all kinds of perks in the company suite. Part of fan day were games and freebies and first game certificates for the boys. Such a beautiful day and a great game. Jace was full of brotherly hugs and photo bombs too. Such a lover that one. Glad I was able to treat my sister to a little fun in the city. We even got to run the bases after the game!

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The best bed head award goes to


We’ve caught quite the head cold in my house, one that’s officially taken us all out of commission for well over a week. And poor Jace has had it the worst. He refuses to blow his nose so every time we hear a monstrous sneeze we come running with the tissues. Even little Walker has snot coming out by the sneeze-fuls.  Hopefully all of our sinuses and lungs clear up this next week and we can feel more ourselves and have more energy. Hopefully you all are avoiding the winter colds and flus going around!